How To Purge Your House Top To Bottom Easily

The Japanese art of de-cluttering your home, Konmari is the idea of removing everything in your life unless it has real sentimental value to you. That being said it also includes the day to day items. Americans as a whole want stuff and lots of it. We have a bit of a social normality because of it. So the Konmari way didn’t look like it was going to hit.
However it did! The book hit best sellers within the week. There is a new generation out there that only wants what is truly important in their house. I am proud to be apart of the movement. It is hard because of myself moving at the same time as everyone else that is important to me but when I finally get settled and start to unpack. I am going to Konmari every box. Take a look at how this system works here.

Mow the lawn

If your lawn is in need of a trim (it probably is after a winter of being left to the elements) give it the first mow of the year. Choose a dry day to do this, or you’ll end up doing more harm than good! As well as mowing the lawn itself, be sure to trim or strim the edges, re-cutting where necessary, using a spade or special edging tool – make sure you have all the tools you’ll need before you begin, so you can complete the job!